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Welcome to my kitchen.....
​I’m Sweet Momma Nedra. I’ve always loved cooking and baking - even as a little girl, I would read cookbooks - cover to cover. I started baking for my family when I was about 8 years old... spending most weekends baking up cookies, and bread, and pies... whatever recipe struck my fancy. I made my first sale - a rhubarb pie - when I was just 9. Since then, I’ve baked for my kids and lots of friends - even baking up special occasion cakes from time to time, always with the dream of someday opening my own bakery. When I retired from my job as a police sergeant, my dream of having my own bakery came back to life. I was lucky to have made a friend in Carmen (lucky our boys played baseball together) - she shares my love of baking and also hoped to have a bakery someday.  

I’m Sweet Momma Carmen. I grew up in an Italian family - so food and cooking have always been a big part of my life. I love that I have recipes that have been passed down for generations - baking Grandma Theis Apple Cake isn’t just about flour and sugar - it’s about a memory - a tradition. Just like Nedra, I got busy with life - work, kids - the usual. I put my dream of having a bakery on hold. But, as you know, kids get older (they even move out), and old dreams become new possibilities. Nedra and I realized we had more in common than just our kids (we each have three - our daughters graduated from high school together, our boys have played baseball and basketball together) we also shared a passion for baking, and a dream of turning that into a business.

And so... Sweet Mommas was born. We love what we make - simple, old fashioned, classic - with everything handcrafted, 100% from scratch - no mixes here!   These are the cookies that beg for a glass of milk before bedtime; it’s the cake you share with a friend and a pot of tea, in the afternoon.  We’re delighted you’ve stopped by - we hope you’ll let Sweet Mommas become part of your family’s traditions. Enjoy!

We're a special order bakery - meaning everything we make is made from scratch - fresh to order.  Please allow 48 - 72 hours for most items. (large orders and decorated items will need more time - please contact us with any questions). 

Our products are available by delivery or prearranged pick up only. 

  Delivery fees:

 All orders of $60 or more receive FREE delivery - up to 5 miles - then .60 per mile.
Orders under $60 - delivery fee is $3.00 up to 5 miles - then .60 per each additional mile.

Mileage is based on round-trip miles and calculated with Google Maps. 
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Big changes mean BIG NEWS! During my slow down during the pandemic lock downs, I became a first time Grandma. I have stepped into the role of Babysitter Grammy Extraordinaire - watching my granddaughter 3 or 4 days a week. 

Now for the really big change and big news. I'm no longer in Michigan :(

My daughter and son-in-law took jobs in Cleveland!! I decided to relocate so I could continue to help out -so now Sweet Mommas is Ohio based.

What does this mean??? Well, before moving, I was able to finish up my remaining Michigan orders, so no worries there. But, all future orders will be made and delivered in the Metro Cleveland area - WHEN SWEET MOMMAS IS READY!

Right now, I'm busy setting up my new (to Ohio) business, learning about Ohio's Cottage Food Laws, and getting settled in my new town. I'll post as soon as I'm ready to take new orders, so be sure to check back (or follow Sweet Mommas on Facebook for updates).

A big THANK YOU to all of my Michigan supporters and a big HELLO to my future Ohio Sweet Mommas' fans.
Sweet Mommas is a Cottage Foods business... this means you will see this declaration on all of our labels:


Allergens: items may contain or come in contact with - wheat, milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, and various tree nuts.  Please refer to item labels for specific product allergy information and contact me with any questions or concerns.