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Planning a party?  Looking to bring a little something special to the next office meeting? How about a delicious platter of cookies (or brownies... or poundcake) for the table!  Give us a call, and we'll put together the perfect platter just for you! 
Pictured is our 3 lb  "Cooler Cookie Favorites" platter... 
1 lb each of Mint Chip Meltaways, Vanilla Puffs, and Lemon Coolers.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'd like to order a Mickey Mouse cake for my child's birthday... can you do this?

A:  I'm afraid not.  We don't carry the licenses that would allow us to make "character" designs on any of our items.  Recreating and selling designs that are owned by other companies is a violation of copyright and trademark laws.  This includes things like Disney characters, cartoons, major and college sport teams' logos, and business logos.  We can, however, create a "back drop cake" for you to place any toys, figurines, or plaques that you've purchased. 

Q: I need a cake tonight, what do you have ready?

A: Most likely - nothing at all!  We're a special order bakery - meaning everything is made fresh to order.  Generally speaking, we need at least a 24 - 48 hour notice on all orders (with large orders and decorated items needing more time). That being said, call us anyways.... depending on what you need and when, we might still be able to help.

Q: My sister in California loves cookies... do you ship?

A: As a "Cottage Foods" business, we're unable to ship any of our items.  However, if you'd like to send some of our delicious treats to friends and family, we're happy to help!  When placing your order, just let us know that you'll be sending it through the mail, and we'll have your goodies packed for shipping - all you'll need to do is add the stamps!

* not all items are suitable for shipping
​                                        Where to Find Us

 You'll find us at markets and events throughout the year. 
The easiest way to keep up with our schedule (and to get market menus and specials) is to Like us on Facebook.

Hello Sweet Mommas fans. We are so grateful for all of the support we've received during these very odd times. As our community begins to reopen, we wanted to give an update on our status.

As we've had so many clients that needed to postpone, and reschedule, large events such as weddings and grad parties, we are freezing the remainder of our 2020 calendar in order to allow our currently booked clients to reschedule their events. Once this has been completed, we will reopen any remaining dates.

We will take small orders as our schedule allows.

Thank you and Be Well!