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​I’m Sweet Momma Nedra. I’ve always loved cooking and baking - even as a little girl, I would read cookbooks - cover to cover. I started baking for my family when I was about 8 years old... spending most weekends baking up cookies, and bread, and pies... whatever recipe struck my fancy. I made my first sale - a rhubarb pie - when I was just 9. Since then, I’ve baked for my kids and lots of friends - even baking up special occasion cakes from time to time, always with the dream of someday opening my own bakery. When I retired from my job as a police sergeant, my dream of having my own bakery came back to life. I was lucky to have made a friend in Carmen (lucky our boys played baseball together) - she shares my love of baking and also hoped to have a bakery someday.  

I’m Sweet Momma Carmen. I grew up in an Italian family - so food and cooking have always been a big part of my life. I love that I have recipes that have been passed down for generations - baking Grandma Theis Apple Cake isn’t just about flour and sugar - it’s about a memory - a tradition. Just like Nedra, I got busy with life - work, kids - the usual. I put my dream of having a bakery on hold. But, as you know, kids get older (they even move out), and old dreams become new possibilities. Nedra and I realized we had more in common than just our kids (we each have three - our daughters graduated from high school together, our boys have played baseball and basketball together) we also shared a passion for baking, and a dream of turning that into a business.

And so... Sweet Mommas was born. We love what we make - simple, old fashioned, classic - with everything handcrafted, 100% from scratch - no mixes here!   These are the cookies that beg for a glass of milk before bedtime; it’s the cake you share with a friend and a pot of tea, in the afternoon.  We’re delighted you’ve stopped by - we hope you’ll let Sweet Mommas become part of your family’s traditions. Enjoy!

We're a special order bakery - meaning everything we make is made from scratch - fresh to order.  Please allow 24- 48 hours for most items. (large orders and decorated items will need more time - please contact us with any questions). 

Our items are available by delivery or prearranged pick up only. 

  Delivery fees:

 All orders of $50 or more receive FREE delivery - up to 5 miles - then .50 per mile.
Orders under $50 - delivery fee is $3.00 up to 5 miles - then .50 per each additional mile.

Mileage is based on round-trip miles and calculated with Google Maps. 
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(we know where the chocolate's hidden)
Sweet Mommas is a Cottage Foods business... this means that all items are lovingly...


Allergens: items may contain or come in contact with - wheat, milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, and various tree nuts. Please contact us for additional information.
​Got a taste for something.... but it's not on our menu?  Just ask us about our Personal Baking service!
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